Tales of the Emira

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Tales of the Emira

Post by Mahmud bin Alsalam » Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:30 pm

The tale of the mirrored love

By Craitgod!

Once upon a time there were two mirrors, made of pure silver and a gold frame. The mirrors were as big as a human being and each stood on a tripod. The maker of the mirrors wanted to sell these mirrors as a set, but nobody bought them. Until one day when a dealer bought both mirrors, he brought one to the palace of the Emir and the Emir bought it from the dealer. The Emir gave the mirror to his young daughter. The other mirror took the dealer to a faraway land by sea. There the dealer sold the mirror to the Sultan, who placed it in his son's room.

Then one night, at full moon, the mirror changed into a window. Emir's daughter did not see herself in the mirror, but the room of the Sultan's son. She saw his bed, his wardrobe and his desk. She was so surprised by what she saw that she approached curiously. With her hand she touched the surface of the mirror. But instead of her hand touching the hard surface of the mirror, she could stick her hand through the mirror. She was frightened and pulled her hand back. She looked behind the mirror, but that was the usual gilded back. Once more she put her hand in the mirror, this time a little more. She was sucked into the mirror by some sort of suction and suddenly she was standing in the prince's room. The prince lying on his bed woke up and saw the princess standing next to the mirror. He was surprised and asked her where she came from. She told about the mirror, but he did not believe it.

He walked to the mirror, put his hand against the hard surface. The princess was astonished, but the prince strictly said she had to say where she came from. The princess told the story again, only the prince tapped his hand on the mirror. Then the princess burst into tears. Suddenly the moonlight fell back into space because a cloud had previously blocked the moonlight. The prince still tapped on the mirror, but fell through the mirror after the moonlight shone on the mirror. The prince fell into the room of the princess. The princess saw the prince fall through the mirror and wanted to follow him. But a cloud shifted in front of the moon and the mirror was hard again. The guards were alarmed by the shout the prince was still shouting when he fell. They found the young princess in the prince's room.

The sultan was awakened and escorted to the throne room. There the princess stood between two guards, while other guards searched the palace for the prince. The sultan heard the story of the princess, but believed nothing of it. The sultan went to the prince's room, while the guards took the princess after the sultan. The mirror was not illuminated by the moon, so the mirror remained hard. The princess cried. The sultan thought and asked if the princess knew under what circumstances the mirror was passable. She thought for a moment and said that moonlight was shining on the mirror. It was too cloudy, so the sultan ordered the princess to stay with his own daughter. The next evening the moon illuminated the night sky, but it was no longer a full moon. The mirror remained hard.

For a month the princess stayed with the sultan's daughter. She was treated as a guest. The princesses became friends. "Amina, my brother is a survivor, he will be fine," said Hanine, the sultan's daughter. Hanine had spoken so much about her brother, with so much appreciation and respect, that Amina first thought that Hanine must have a lot of brothers. But it turned out she only had one brother, the prince who disappeared through the mirror. Through the heartwarming stories about the prince, Amina realised that she was falling a little bit in love with the prince. One evening she prayed for wisdom: "Oh great Craitgod, are the mirrors your wonderful means of bringing us together?

The princess stayed in the foreign land for three months, because each time the full moon hid behind clouds. As a result, the mirror remained hard and the princess could not return to her own room. During that time her desire to meet the prince grew and she fell more and more in love. The sultan exclaimed: "Great Craitgod! Only one clear night at full moon", when another full moon was blocked by a cloud cover. The absence of the prince could no longer be kept secret, there was unrest in the city. Despair struck in the palace. Until one day the ground was shaking: the chandeliers were ringing, brewed tea was rippling, piled up pomegranates were rolling from their place. Suddenly it sounded: "Clear the way! Make way!" The trembling was rhythmic and became more and more intense. The sultan and the princesses rushed to the balcony from where they looked in the direction of the shouting. There were drums and singing: "Make room for Prince Ali!

Soldiers came marching with flags through the city gate. Then soldiers with drums indicating the rhythm of marching, trumpeters heralding the arrival of the prince heralds and horsemen on horseback. On the back of an elephant sat the prince, followed by chariots of great riches. Exotic animals such as ostriches, giraffes and zebras followed. The prince arrived at the palace and descended from the elephant. His father, the sultan, was in an ecstasy of joy to see his son again. When father and son had finished their heartfelt embrace, the prince saw the handsome princess. The young woman who had come through the mirror. He bowed before her and said: "From the moment I saw you, you have not been out of my mind. Your father has agreed to give you to me in marriage. The great Craitgod brought us together and caused the desire to be together." That night, the full moon shone, illuminated the palace where the wedding was celebrated.

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