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About Arbor

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Emirate of Arbor
إمارة أربور


Arbor, officially the Emirate of Arbor, is a sovereign nation located on the Arbor Isles, in the Eastern Ocean of Micras. The capital is Al-Hamra, located on the largest island of the archipelago.

The Emirate of Arbor pursues a strictly isolated policy. Access to the country is very limited. You have arrived on an artificial island south of the capital, called ‘Jazirat 'Uwyastar’. You can here your citizenship or your visa. Without at least a visa you can not enter the country any further.


The name "Arbor" was given to the archipelago during the Storish era. The name is Catalog for 'trees', referring to dense forestation on the islands. With the foundation of the Emirate that name was used for this new state.

Sort history

Predecessor of the Emirate of Arbor is the Frankish Empire, which in turn is a successor to the Kingdom of Amokolia.

The Kingdom of Amokolia existed since 1504 AN and the revival came after the Kalirion Fracture. The crown was offered to Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, beginning a new era of glory. In 1678 AN, Amokolia adopted a new constitution which saw the name of the state changed to Frankish Empire. This gave a new impulse to cultural depth. But due to inactivity in other nations under the crown of the Kaiser, the Franco-Batavian Empire was formed.

But in 1685 AN high treason was committed. The Kaiser was poisoned, rebellion arose and the ally High Realm of Stormark was removed from Micras. The Kaiser was brought to safety on the Arbor Isles. There his loyal troops founded a new state: the Emirate of Arbor.

The Emir


The Emir is the head of stat of the Emirate of Arbor. His name is Mahmud bin Alsalam, meaning: the praiseworthy son of peace.

The Emira


On 10.V.1681 AN the Emir married Fatima Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati.

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